XL Coca Cola T-Shirt


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coke T shirt Coca Cola
XL Coca Cola T-Shirt - Downtown Pete


This shirt is as refreshing and classic as Coke itself! 

Red, Adult XL, 28'' Length, 22'' Chest. Coca Cola Brand.  Cotton Blend.

Fun Fact: When Coca-Cola realized a good portion of their customers—by one estimate, 12 percent—consumed their sugary, caffeinated drink in the morning instead of coffee, they decided to launch an aggressive marketing campaign promoting themselves as a morning pick-me-up. "Coke in the Morning" was launched in several test cities in 1988, with the idea being that it would be easier to guzzle a cold can of soda than a hot cup of water. (The company was careful, however, not to imply soda could replace orange juice. They owned Minute Maid.)

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