Limited Edition Zeal Print

Mria Mezzanine

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Limited Edition Zeal Print - Downtown Pete
Limited Edition Zeal Print - Downtown Pete

11'' x 14'' Printed on acid free archival paper.

Artist Statement My Work synthesizes emotion, energy and movement through abstract visions of the female form. Encapsulating expression through abstract forms, mediums, color, and texture. 

Movement plays a critical role within my work, harnessing physically visual elements, conjoining them to expose the visceral components of emotion, energy and existence.

Using this vehicle as a means by which to exasperate emotion in a very literal and felt reality. 

Artist Bio: M’ria Swire is a Visual Artist, working out of her home-based studio in Plant City, Florida. She graduated with a BFA from The University of South Florida in 2013. Having been a visual artist all her life, the birth of her two children questioned her identity, leaving her uncertain as to whether pursuing her calling was even fathomable. Realizing that she could not abandon her work, she has spent the last four years embracing, evolving and strengthening her work and practice, through new challenges and opportunities no matter how unconventional they may seem.

Primarily working in acrylic and raw pigment, her work has since leapt from canvas on to wood, skin, fiber and even large scale mural projects. Her work exemplifies heavy, saturated vibrant colors, layered with metallic, translucent and opaque detailing. Abstracted forms whose movements call the viewer to look further, experience more than just a mere glance. M’ria also enjoys experimenting with new mediums and techniques that change both the texture and application of pigment, often resulting in unexpected, yet highly desirable outcomes.


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