Can't Do Events, How about a Mystery Box?

Ronnie Lee

St Petersburg — Like most, local event planner Ronnie Lee was hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic back in March 2020. After weeks of quarantine, weeks of getting long overdue home projects complete and weeks of cocktails, what’s a person to do when the idle hands have run out of things to do?

Create an online store selling mystery boxes! Welcome to the World What started as a clever way to get rid of all his pop culture collectables that have been collecting dust in his garage has now turned into a few orders a day with items going all over the country. Old magazines, vinyl records, collectables and more have been sent to new homes. There was even a 1960’s Ska record to send to a person in Japan. 

But what about these Mystery Boxes:

“It was fun finding new homes for all these old pop culture items, but I had so many old give-a-ways and random stuff laying around in our warehouse”, says Ronnie Lee. Being an event planner and co-owner of Cheers Events and the St. Pete Side Lot with his wife Kristin Coffey, they had a lot of items that could be given away. So the idea of creating personalized mystery boxes came to light. You get random pop culture items such as old magazines, CDs, viny, stickers, etc, but also fun, random items from the warehouse. An old screw, clamp, 3rd place ribbon… you don’t know what you might get! 

“It’s been a blast. We make sure everything is wiped down and clean before sending out but I do love that with all this negativity going on right now, it’s fun to send a box and making people laugh with the nonsense that is inside” says Ronnie.

See what you will get, order your very own today!

Article Credit: Tampa Bay Newswire

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